Buying New Cars Online

New Reg Cars have been supplying new cars online to the general public for over 17 years, and in that time we have delivered thousands of new cars to thousands of happy customers.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to sell discounted new cars online and since then our business has grown significantly, allowing more people, more choice and cheaper cars. We are constantly monitoring our performance and importantly, what our customers think of what we do. Our investment in technology continues to grow year on year, allowing us to be at the forefront of online car retailing.

At our East Yorkshire offices we have a team of people who are not only dedicated in assisting you in your new car choice but who are also committed in ensuring your vehicle arrives on time and professionally handed over.

As a direct online retailer, we have significantly lower overheads to that of a normal new car dealership. No expensive showrooms, offices, forecourts and high staffing levels mean we can sell cars for much less profit than that of a main dealer.

As we are not franchised to one individual manufacturer we are able to "hunt out" the strongest new car deals at any given time and promote that particular vehicle. We also have huge buying power and again this enables us to select the cheapest new cars in the market place and pass these huge savings on to you, the customer.

From start to finish we aim to give you complete peace of mind in the whole process, which, we believe should be an enjoyable experience.

Please feel free to contact the team who will be happy to discuss your needs directly.

Online Car Retailing

Are the vehicles you supply imported?
We supply UK cars only with full manufacturers warranty, supplied and delivered by UK main dealers. Ask one of the sales advisors and we will inform you of the origin of the particular vehicle you require.
How do I buy my vehicle?
NewRegCars want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy a car. Just telephone (01482 272777) and we will talk you through the sales process.
How do I pay for my new vehicle?
When buy your new car from NewRegCars we will email or post an invoice to you and payment is due on receipt of this invoice to you and payment is due prior to delivery.

Payment methods and clearance period:
1. Telegraphic Bank Transfer (Guaranteed same day payment)
2. Bacs Bank Transfer ( 3 to 5 days depending on who you bank with)
3. Alternatively you can pay by chip and pin debit or credit card if you decide to collect your new vehicle in person from our premises
How does my vehicle get delivered?
When you buy a vehicle from NewRegCars, we give you a choice of delivery to suit your needs. The vehicle can be either driven to your home or work address or delivered via a transporter. Alternatively you can collect the vehicle from our showroom and pay on the day once you have inspected your new car.
If the car is driven, obviously the mileage on the vehicle will be increased by whatever the distance is from our depot to your address. Cost for this is £199.00.
If the car is transported on a trailer it will save any additional mileage on the vehicle. Cost for this is £399.00.
Vehicles can be delivered to anywhere in the UK.
How does the part exchange work?
Once you have agreed a part exchange price, we will email you a vehicle appraisal form for you to complete at the same same time we send you your new vehicle order form. You can complete the form and email or post it back to us. Providing the car is accurately described as on the appraisal form when it is part exchanged on collection or delivery, the price will be guaranteed.

If your new car is a number of months away before it is due to be delivered, we can either take your part exchange off you imediately at the agreed price, or we can re-negotiate the price on a monthly basis in line with industry valuations for depreciation.
How much deposit do I pay?
We will require a minimum £500 deposit to secure your new car. In certain circumstances if your car is of an unusual or individual special build, we may need to take a further payment prior to your car being built.
Excepted payments for your deposit can be made via most major credit or debit cards.
Switch or Debit cards no additional surcharge
What documentation do I need?
On delivery of your new car or van, you will need to provide us with the following:
A signed order form - This will be posted or emailed to you when you place your order
If you are purchasing your new car or van using one of our finance packages, you will also need to provide:
- A copy of your driving licence (including photocard if applicable)
- A copy of a utility bill dated within the last 90 days
- Other documentation may be required, subject to status and terms
Who will guarantee and maintain my new vehicle?

The manufacturers main dealer network. i.e. your local main dealer. Most warranties run for 3 years but this will be advised at the time of purchase, depending on the vehicle origin.

Are the deals displayed pre reg car deals?

We provide new and pre reg car deals. Get in touch with one of our team so we can see what is currently available on the market and what we can do to help!